Cannot activate/login to Apple iMessage/Facetime servers when using FreedomVPN

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Most likely I will have to look for other VPN provider, because with newer iOS upgrades FreedomVPN is not allowing certain Apple services to pass through for whatever reason. Apple support geniuses say that the protocols on VPN provider side should be upgraded too, to accommodate the changes Apple introduces to its server protocols. Currently, I only can activate iMessage and Facetime if I switch the FreedomVPN off, I can turn them on after activation but then, after some time they again disconnect. Possibly, some ports are blocked, I don't know. All I know, I cannot leave it like that, so have to look for other solution provider that is maintaining its services properly and in time.


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    Hello @FalconForerunner

    Please turn Keep VPN on when device is idle feature ON to see if that solve the issue. You can find more information in this below article.

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    I am on iOS, so KeepVPN is on by default unlike Android. The link that you have provided me with, explains why certain messengers may fail to work with FreedomVPN. But this case is different. It is not about "messenger does not work" because once activated with FreedomVPN OFF, it works smoothly with FreedomVPN ON. It is only Apple activation procedure which is affected. Please read carefully my initial post and you may understand, why. If you still cannot understand, remember that Apple Services on iOS demands activation procedures which might be performed via different ports/protocols/certificates than actually a communication session. That is how it happens that services work AFTER activation with FreedomVPN, but one need to disable FreedomVPN to activate (login) the Services.

    Please also be informed that I have tested this issue with 2 other VPN providers and it did manifest itself. Therefore, it is solely connected to FreedomVPN - just as Apple Genius suggested.

    To reproduce the issue:

    -turn off in your iPhone Settings iMessage and FaceTime while FreedomVPN is enabled

    - wait a couple of minutes while FreedomVPN is still ON then reconnect to FreedomVPN via any different server/land

    - when connected FreedomVPN, turn ON iMessage and FaceTime.

    - observe "Activating..." forever unless it pushes out a message that the services cannot be activated (typical after a while)

    - Turn FreedomVPN OFF

    - Once again, turn OFF the iMessage and FaceTime services in the iPhone Settings

    - Turn ON the two services with FreedomVPN is OFF

    - Observe these are successifully activated within a minute.

    - Turn ON FreedomVPN

    - Observe the two services are running smoothly.

    - Check this condition again in 1 hour, 3 hours, 9 hours and a day. At some point you will notice that the two Services are un-logged again and status again changed on "awaiting activation".

    - Alternatively, you !at find in iMessgaes app a big, half-screen text notification about current status is unconnected and you need to re-activate the services. Impossible to miss since you cannot sent or receive any iMessage.

    Just a month ago, and for years before, it was working smoothly just it is working smoothly now with other VPN providers.

    That's actually mean that it is time for devs to wake-up and make their job done to fix the issue.



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