License expiring, please help

Hello once again F secure community!

I have a beta license that is expiring in 7 days, and I would like to continue participating in this beta testing program.

May I please have a license renewal, im getting warnings from FS Protection daily now.




  • Candi1Candi1 Posts: 41 Enthusiast

    I too keep getting messages that my license will be expiring in a few days or so. I too would like to continue participating in the beta testing. I haven't heard anything either way if it will continue or if it will end. It would be nice to have a little notice if it would be ending so we can plan accordingly. But I'd really like to continue with the beta program. I'm sure F-Secure people are busy, but if you could please let us know if our license will be renewed or not, it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you very much!!!

  • CaleCale Posts: 114 F-Secure Product Manager

    Hi, all licenses should now have been renewed.


  • Candi1Candi1 Posts: 41 Enthusiast

    Thank you Cale! Yes the license was renewed.

    Thank you very much!!!

  • alexpower88alexpower88 Posts: 19 Explorer

    hi my freind, i am beta user more than 1 year and very satisfied with my choosing to use F Secure Products and be a partner.

    i tell you that your license will be extended automatically. Be relax and take a deep breath everything is going to be Allright because you have F Secure in your life.

  • Candi1Candi1 Posts: 41 Enthusiast

    Thank you Alexpower88. It was extended. Although, it is usually extended before it reaches the very last day. So that made me a little nervous. But everything worked out & it was extended. Thank you!

  • Robert_GuerraRobert_Guerra Posts: 1 New Member

    I too have started getting a message that the license will expire in a few days (July 8th). I'd like to request a renewal. Thank you!

  • Candi1Candi1 Posts: 41 Enthusiast

    I'm getting messages again that F-Secure is expiring soon(I think within a week), to please renew subscription. Do you know if my subscription will be renewed? It makes me a little nervous that I keep getting these notifications about renewing.

    Wow! That time went really fast! Seems like just a month or 2 ago I was getting these notifications about renewing before. But I guess its been a little longer then that. Thanks!

  • CaleCale Posts: 114 F-Secure Product Manager

    Yup, we want to make sure you are awake. Only by notifying us you get more days.

    -Cale :)

  • Candi1Candi1 Posts: 41 Enthusiast

    Lol!!! 🤣 Yep, I'm awake!!! Thank you very much Cale!!! I hope you have a nice weekend!!! 😉

  • qbasssqbasss Posts: 2 New Member

    I am awake also. The program is working so far so good. I have only one small problem but already sent a bug report.

  • ToweriToweri Posts: 21 New Member

    My license is about to expire in three hours (!!) Oct 19 2020 at 3 AM.

    Can you please renew the license?

    I was under impression that this will be done automatically by F-Secure, that I do not need to contact anyone... Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I do not dare to wait any closer than three hours...

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