NRK and it's problem with Freedome

bambam1 Posts: 9 Observer

why is it not possible to find a solution which will last for Freedome vs NRK and Tv 2 in norway. it's 14 days since you told us that the problem was solved. but today it's impossible for me anyway to watch NRK directly. go to the core of the problem and fix it fast 


  • [Deleted User]
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    Dear @bambam1 


    We are currently working on the issue, and you will be notified as soon as we find a solution.






  • Tobben
    Tobben Posts: 1 New Member

    Hi, What is the current status for the problem with access to NRK (Norway)?.

    It have not been working for about 2 weeks

  • thommyb
    thommyb Posts: 6 Observer

    The issue with NRK is still unsolved😤. It’s very annoying that you guys can’t be able to win this game that nrk is up to. I don’t care about watching US Netflix but I do care about being able to watch european flow tv and streaming. There is for now just problems with nrk. You have managed to let us watch BBC Iplayer, hats off for that👏, so please get along with tearing this norwegian fortress down. Please keep us informed about your backend team’s progress.


  • Bjarnek
    Bjarnek Posts: 15 Enthusiast

    Hello @DawidFS, time to start working....... 😡

    Seems like the so called techteam is useless for us that is paying for this service and that they are totally incompetent. When a free VPN works and have no downtime (so far for me these weeks) can make it work does it just shows the lack of will or/and skills in there work.

    For a workaround for those that use Chrome can you download the addon "Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker - Best VPN" from chrome web store at this address

    Set Urban Free VPN to Norway and activate the FREEDOM to Norway, when you get a stream from NRK can you turn of the Urban Free VPN and the it will hold the stream live with the streaming bitrate you would get from FREEDOM. If you are only using the Urban Free VPN will the bitrate be lower and can sometimes give a crappy image.

    Hope this can help a bit, and for the techteam........ DO YOUR JOB.

  • Joninge
    Joninge Posts: 1 New Member

    I have problems with NRK as well, and I am a Norwegian living in Norway. I have chosen the Oslo server, but NRK still claims that I am outside Norway. The only way to watch some NRK programs is to turn off the Freedome protection.

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