Freedome related analytic data?

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I have Freedome installed on my iPad. iOS is the latest 13.3.1 and I did a full reset (downloaded a fresh firmware from Apple). After the reset I installed only Freedome and two newspaper apps (HS & IS). The next day when looking at Analytics data I found a weird log data line (see the attached pic). ...json.tar.gz... Clicking the data line shows a blank page.


So my question is: Does Freedome create that Analytic data? If not, any clues?




  • Jaims
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    Hi @Secur 

    The iPhone Analytics feature is mainly used to send anonymous crash reports about your phone to Apple so that app developers can use it to improve on the services and also fix bugs.


    This is an Apple controlled feature and VPN services like our Freedome VPN have no influence over it.


    Experts opine that this reports drain iPhone batteries and could also be a matter of privacy. . If you belong to the class of people who think that longer battery life is more important than helping Apple, then you may disable this feature.


    Click on Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Turn Off Share iPhone Analytics.


    You may read more on the Apple Support page.

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