Thanks for killing XFense


Thanks for buying Little Flocker, a good product, hiding it behind a beta for years with minimal updates, then shoveling it into a bundle nobody wanted or asked for.


Good job! Now if I want that protect that I had before I have to either shell out for the package with tonnes of features I don't want.


Really spectacular work. Thanks for nothing.


  • adamlogan
    adamlogan Posts: 5 New Member

    I empathize with your sentiments, but you might want to think about how others will respond to your message before you send it out into the world. There is another project you could consider, Hands Off

    if you're looking for something more like how xfence once worked. Sadly I don't find it nearly as robust as I'd like.

  • garyd
    garyd Posts: 7 Explorer

    Have you considered joining the beta test program to provide more constructive feedback? It's free to join over at XFENCE is definitely now part of the FS Protection bundle for macOS and being a beta tester would give you access to it for free while having the potential opportunity to improve the product if you find it lacking in certain features you're expecting.

  • nops
    nops Posts: 1 New Member

    ThanksForNothin is right. LittleFlocker was awesome, and Zdziarski should have never sold it to F-Secure. I paid for it before F-Secure took over, and now it's gone. Also, I did participate in the F-Secure Beta, provided feedback, and still got nothin out of it.

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