Microsoft Edge Extension didn't get installed!


I installed F-secure internet security yesterday and as you said in the topic below, the New microsoft Edge extention should be installed auto, but it didn't!

and i had to install it from chrome store on Microsoft Edge after enabling ''Allow extensions from other stores''

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  • CaleCale Posts: 76 F-Secure Product Manager
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    When you have the New Edge browser installed and you install F-Secure Internet Security or SAFE, it takes a few moments for the product to download the extension and set it up. We are talking about 10 to 30 seconds after completing the installation. Also, if your Edge browser is open, you need to restart it.


    In our testing there seems to be an issue with the Edge browser itself; it either displays the new extension notification very briefly or not at all. However, the extension is installed and you can enable it from the Edge > ... > Extensions view.

    The alternative method is what you did; you can install it also from the Chrome Store.



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