Tracker Mapper does not work


Tracker Mapper does not work. When I put it on, it's okay.

When I see if I am being followed, the message "turn on Tracker Mapper" comes on !!!! So this does not collect any information ....

Two years ago it worked normally, but now not.

Where can there be a fault ??

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  • DawidFSDawidFS Posts: 73 Moderator
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    Hello Sukram, 


    F-Secure FREEDOME does not block any tracking from HTTPS traffic, because that would require a man-in-the-middle attack against the HTTPS, and the related security risks outweigh the possible privacy gains. FREEDOME only prevents HTTP traffic, and may sites these days use HTTPS traffic


    You can read more about that : Here 


    To make sure FREEDOME is working, you can check your IP address  when FREEDOME is on. 

    If FREEDOME does not mask your IP and is not showing tracking attempts from HTTP traffic, then please try the following:

    • Check that Tracker Mapper is on
    • Uninstall and reinstall
    • Contact the customer support 





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