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Forlopp Posts: 2 New Member

This morning I received a system generated prompt for upgrading Freedome to a “Shiny new look”.
However, the link that was offered for the upgrade was http, so my Brave browser gave it a warning sign, so I did not click.
Instead I later checked for updates from the Freedome icon in the top right bar, and it stated that there are no updates.

Unfortunately I was in a rush and did not keep any records of the offered URL but the quoted wording could help.  Browser kept no history of this.


Anyone else see this?


  • Blinky
    Blinky Posts: 3 Observer

    Well I upgraded yesterday and can confirm they have updated the look, so at least that part seems legit.

    You can manually download the latest version form the website here:

    However - if their auto update mechanism is http - then that's a bit of concern.


    Note - after upgrading my VPN no longer works on Windows 10., but I have seen no indication that anyone else has this problem. Following your message - I checked the hash value of the upgrade file I used and the one from the download site and they are the same - so don't think it was a case of a fake upgrade or anything.

  • Forlopp
    Forlopp Posts: 2 New Member

    The prompt reappeared when I rebooted today with the same story.

    After a minute of more thought, I downloaded both versions from the "automatic" http and manually from the https site respectively, and the sha 256 fingerprints matched so that is enough paranoia for now.

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Forlopp 


    In addition to @Blinky 's contribution, we will be glad to have you provide us with the URL and/or print screen of the prompt.


    Kindly try to get these so we could investigate further from our end. 

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