Suggestion for F-secure key password manager.

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I'd like to make a suggestion to update the platform style to F-secure Key, it's a great little app and I use it on all my devices. 

How about adding individual tabs like A, (example: A for Amazon) would be under the A tab instead of having to scroll it would be tabbed and you click on the tab and all your accounts that begin with that alphabetical letter would be there. and so on, through the alphabet. you could put this in free and premium versions. 

I'd like to see this kind of upgrade to the interface platform. 

thank you for reading and considering. 


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I did not use recent F-Secure KEY builds.

    But previously there was search bar. And if you type any character - then entries are filtered to it.

    So, you could start typing "Ama" and Amazon will be filtered. Perhaps, it is useful and already covered your suggestion. Or there is something else?