Cannot enable Family Rules on all accounts


I have F-Safe installed on 4 PC's
The Family Rules option is only available on my account - it is missing on the other 3.

I have found instructions but I fail at step 2 - open "Internet Security".
I opened F-Secure but I still dont see anything that will turn on the Family Rules or Internet Security for the other devices.

If I pick one of the other accounts on the carousel/user page - but the family setting icons are missing.


Any suggestions on how I enable it for the other users?


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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    In general, you should to configure it on device. To enable or to activate it per each user account on device.

    Then, you could to tune up it on My F-Secure Portal.

    Did you configure it on three other devices during installation process (or after it)?


    In addition, article is about F-Secure Internet Security. But since of your description - your experience is about F-Secure SAFE (with My F-Secure Account portal). So, with F-Secure SAFE there should be on-the-fly ask for activation Parental Control / Family Rules.

    If it is 'denied' - then maybe you can try to "switch user" to kids profile. For example (Windows platform):

    -- open main F-Secure SAFE user interface (click tray logo or doubleclick desktop logo).

    -- right top corner should be with "Protected 'username'".

    -- choose it and choose 'switch user' then.


    And what about circles on Portal. Then, there can be limitations for invited users (they can change settings by their own), inactive kids profile with no devices/installations.


    Sorry for my English! Back with feedback for more clear suggestions.



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