Redundant Real-Time Scanning w/ Parallels (VM) on Mac


I use Parallels, a virtual machine application on a consistent basis, I leave it running all the time in Coherence mode, it is intelligent in that it will pause after a certain amount of idleness so it does not impact my system resources as much as leaving it running all the time. However, I am noting that fs protection for Mac seems to be constantly scanning it whenever it wakes up, and it's freezing my system at times due to the immense load of VM + fs secure real-time scanning all the processes and files.

I want the ability to set exceptions easily (directory and sub directories or processes) where fs protection will not scan w/ real-time protection. Windows has had this since forever, I saw posts from 2017 saying it will be implemented on the Mac. It's 2019, and it still has not been implemented. Please implement this critical feature. I'd also like to be able to see specifically what fs protection is scanning as it's happening.

I don't mind dealing with subscriptions for the host and guest machines so long as it doesn't freeze up my machine with the interminable beach ball.


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    Hello @adamlogan,

    Thank you for your report. Are you still facing the scanning problem?

    If it is still a problem, please submit a bug report through portal. Also run the support tool and attach the fsdiag output to it.

    It had been very quiet from us. we apology for the delay.

    Best wishes,

    Quynh Dang

    R&D Team, FS Protection for Mac

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