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When using Freedome with my usual Basic Norton internet security,I may visit a site that gives a norton pop up saying Malicious Domain Request 21 (or 22) which is a bit scary! However a scan shows nothing to worry about.But even more scary is if you check the Norton history it lists all the ip no.s of sites visited and even the titles of the pages viewed! So I assume Norton have access to all this information?

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    Hi @mrsDoyle 


    Since the Norton is installed on your machine and its possible to collect the data but we F-Secure unable to say how does the debug tool works and what support information collected by them from your machine.


    When you turned Freedome ON and you surf the internet, an outsider or data collection companies can't track your online activities from other side/system and it protects againts man-in-middle attacks.



  • SethuSethu Posts: 656 Moderator

    Hi @mrsDoyle 


    Pelase refer this KB article to ensure how does Freedome VPN works correctly.


    You will see the Virtual Server location and IP information over when Freedome ON. If not, please provide us the screen shot of whatisappaddress page and name of vitual location selected on your Freedome VPN.  May I also know in which country you are living now?


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    This does not answer my question at all.I ask again ,can Norton log the sites I visit?

  • I would advise use free VPN services. For many goals, I choose Norton too, sometimes its purevpn. Quality and secure.

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