F secure is offered free by spectrum ISP service.

I found out yesterday that f secure is offered by spectrum WiFi service free of charge. My only concern is do they keep the product up to date with F secures product versions? Do we get the same updates and product upgrades as if I purchased the software directly from F secure. The only reason why I ask this is becaouse Comcast delayed the version of mcafee back when I used it.



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    12 hours and still no reply????? Pretty bad that F secure has no idea how to answer a simple question!!!!! This software is being used by an ISP to represent, you’re company. I would hope that you would supply charter with the best possible protection and updates program.... we may never know the answer...

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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    I think that you could try to ask them directly via official Support channels (for example, chat):

    Or, anyway, it is better to ask Spectrum (perhaps). At least, they are surely know what is the solution that their offered. And whether is it possible to 'share' this information from F-Secure side or not.

    Otherwise, official F-Secure Community staff may respond later too.

    Based on my experience - depends on certain partnerships.

    Such branded, customized or channeled solutions are quite often up-to-date with F-Secure current stable solution. However, there can be a delay with receiving most 'recent' version (with meanings major upgrade / change). Perhaps, matter of month / some months. But it does not reduce, basically, protection level of common fields (signatures-based and so).


    But, of course, certain situations with partial outdated version. By 'agremeent' or due to inaction of the provider.

    All in all, I think that customers may request 'updated/upgraded' build from their ISP (if ISP forgot to do so itself).



  • Brad03
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    Follow up it appears charter is updating it's security suite now as i was just informed. see what happens when you speak up????

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    Security Suite uses advanced real-time cloud-based technology to provide the fastest protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software

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    @Brad03 wrote:

    Follow up it appears charter is updating it's security suite now as i was just informed. see what happens when you speak up????


    Just an observation as an individual following quite a lot of tech news. There's a trend large governmental organizations and enterprises are very cautious with software upgrades commonly skipping software versions and in most notorious cases taking years to a decade to stage a migration. I would completely not be surprised if same phenomen was happening among ISP's. Actual software suppliers on the other hand tend to prefer frequent upgrades with small changelogs which may commonly result in balancing. It is something an end-user really needs to consider though when picking software supplier when there's choice between upstream and downstream resellers eg like on Android where Google sells phones with latest and greatest software versions although more expensive in general. 

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