F-Secure Internet Security slows down communication between Office 365 Outlook and OneNote 2016


From Office 365 Outlook you can send elements such as calendar entries, e-mails etc. to OneNote for filing. By installing F-Secure Internet Security, the transfer of items takes up to one minute. Without F-Secure it takes a split second. Where can I adjust the settings so that F-Secure is not a barrier?


  • mpe
    mpe Posts: 2 Observer

    Thanks for the tips. I have contacted F-Secure support.

    In excluding the local storage files and folders for Outlook and OneNote from real-time scanning, the communication works much faster. The folder paths in question would be:

    C:\Users\<Your_Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook; and

    C:\Users\<Your_Username>\Documents\OneNote Notebooks.

    Regards, Peter

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