F-secure router with 3 dumb router set-up

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Completely new to cyber / network security.


My parents are slowly adopting the smart home tecnology.


I read Steve Gibsons 3 dumb router advice.


1.  Would the F-Secure router ( with total security ) work as a "border" router in a 3 dumb router set-up?

2.  Would the F-Secure router ( with total security ) work with an IoT defense RATtrap connected between the ISP modem and the the F-Secure router?

3.  They are currently locked into a 3 year contract with a A.V company.  Will there A.V software still be able to work? Or would they need to disable and uninstall the AV software?

4.  Would this product work a firewalla or Cujo?


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    Hello @Qi 


    Please have a look at this article and this article to know what is F-Secure Sense router and how does it works.


    In general, setting up F-Secure SENSE Router does not require any changes in the settings of your current home router or modem, as it is designed to work alongside them. F-Secure SENSE Router is compatible with most commonly available modems or routers that you can buy on the market today or get from your Internet service provider (ISP).


    You need not to install traditional security software if you have already installed Sense app on your device. Click here to know more information.


    You can refer this KB article to know more about how to set up Sense router in your environment.

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    Yes, Sense will work fine for the boarder router. It does DHCP and NAT. The devices on either of the two other routers will not be able to do MAC address spoofing or packet sniffing traffic from devices on the other network.

    I think the magic to what F-Secure is trying to do involves blocking specific IP addresses and/or url addresses before DNS’ed to an IP. Refer to Stephen Black’s work at https://github.com/StevenBlack/hosts. Others have done a lot of hard work to assemble lists like this.

    The next step is to algorithmically predict in real time the bad servers, that’s what F-Secure is trying to bring to home users. Refer to RecordedFuture for another example, but they market only to the enterprise space.

    Without a VPN, all traffic comes to your real IP address. Your ISP can’t see into the encrypted connections, but they can see all servers you connect to. And, all services/servers will also know your real physical location.

    A big improvement in security and privacy would come from Freedome on the Sense router. Geolocation and the man-in-the-middle problem with the ISP would be solved.

    Third-party cookies, canvas, many other types of tracking technology is another issue.
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