What is F-Secure SENSE?

F-Secure SENSE creates a secure network for your smart home, combining hardware and software in a unique way. You can think of SENSE as an advanced, high speed secure router consisting of a physical device - the SENSE router - and a software app - the SENSE app.

The physical unit creates a secure network in your home protecting all your devices from computers to baby monitors. Your privacy is protected from hackers, tracking companies and criminals that are after your private information.

The more devices we have in our house, the more vulnerable we are to hackers and data thieves. SENSE enables you to create the smart home you want by making sure that everything from banking details to security cameras stays in your control. SENSE also blocks tracking companies from profiling your online behavior.

The SENSE app - that you install on a smartphone or tablet - allows you to set up, configure and monitor your SENSE router. With the app, you can monitor the security and privacy protection status in your home network at a glance.

The SENSE app protects your devices outside the home as well. The light but powerful SENSE app blocks tracking and protects you from viruses, letting you live your smart life on the go without worries.

SENSE combines the best aspects of software, local network and cloud security into an efficient and fluid way to protect your smart home. The traffic in the network is analyzed by SENSE with the help of F-Secure's Security Cloud, protecting even devices for which no security software is available. Threats are blocked by artificial intelligence based on their reputation and behavior - they are "sensed" instead of "scanned".

Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure SENSE product page

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