Is it better to use malwarebytes antimalware + F-secure Internet security 2012, or just F-secure Internet security 2012? I ask in case it cause any conflict.


  • 2eemeli
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    in general having two anti virus on a system is not a good idead. It creats a race condition and malware migth not be detected.


    Did look at the Malwarebytes site and as it seems the free version has no realtime protection only ondemand.


    You might not get any conflict from this combination.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Skidrow,

    We highly advise against it as running 2 AV's causes system errors and conflicts between both the AV's.

  • firionicable
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    A simple rule of thumb that having single AV would be enough. image

  • patet
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    You can use another AV tool if it doesnt have real-time protection, i.e. if its only a simple scanner that runs only on demand

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