Buy or renew F-Secure TOTAL page is down


For a couple of days now I'm not able to buy a F-Secure TOTAL description because the purchase page is down.




  • Ukko
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    I am also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    With my experience - sounds that I can to initiate F-Secure TOTAL purchase (or to login into My F-Secure account and choose buttons like buy / renew). I did not try to perform full steps - but only very first ones.


    Could you provide a bit more information about your situation?


    For example, is it fresh purchase or there is a try to renew existed subscription?

    Where you tried to open shop(?) or to purchase F-Secure TOTAL? Official F-Secure website? Localized to your location or it is global one?


    Did you try to use another browser (for example)? Or to doublecheck something around script blockers or cookies. I think cookies and scripts should be allowed for proper state. Maybe if your browser with some Adblockers (or so) it can blocking certain resource for loading.

    In addition, can you try to perform your steps with Incognito / InPrivate (or so) mode?


    Maybe your experience is about receiving some outdated pages (as a result - with 'broken' redirect to actual page).



  • Vl4d
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    Indeed it is working now. Thanks.

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