The android app should have selectable scan functionality

The android app should have selectable scan functionality, like the windows version. Because apps like kaspersky have these advantages, single file scan, complete system scan and fast scan. I think F-Secure should have these features too. And not just a standard scan, I don't feel so safe and comfortable, I might even switch to kaspersky Smiley Sad (unlikely but possible)

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    Hello @MaxMuster 


    F-Secure Safe for Android has an automatic scanning engine detects a file containing a virus or other malicious code during scanning, and scans apps when they are installed on your device, and scans inserted memory card automatically. You will be prompted to remove detected items i.e files or apps by F-Secure.


    However, we recommend that you keep Virus protection turned on all the time. You can also scan files manually and set up:


    Scheduled scans to run automatically  at regular basis if you want to make sure that there are no harmful files or apps on your devices and 


    Boot Scanning helps if malware infects your boot sector, you might not be able to boot to android device or you’ll experience booting issue. If you suspect that your boot sector is infected, but you can still boot to device, you can use this boot scan feature.


    Selected scanning feature is only available for Desktop version of F-Secure Safe at the moment. We've devised a web form that you can use to submit your ideas for features that you want to see included in future versions of F-secure., You can access the Feature request page here. This is the best method for submitting your feature requests, as this form goes directly to our Product team and effectively cuts out the middleman (me) as you communicate your ideas and your use cases to the people that develop Smartsheet features. We can't guarantee that our Product team will respond back to every feature request submission, but they may contact you for more information only if they received more votes for the reqested feature when we discuss our future development items.


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