F secure removed my files


how can I recover files?

My OS windows10



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    Hello @veronikas 


    F-Secure's Real-time scanning protects the computer by scanning all files when they are accessed and by blocking access to those files that contain malware. When your computer tries to access a file, Real-time scanning scans the file for malware before it allows your computer to access the file.


    If Real-time scanning finds any harmful content, it puts the file to quarantine before it can cause any harm. You can refer this KB article to know how to restore Quarantine items.


    If your files were already deleted/cleaned by F-Secure, you can open Event history page to see the removal information such as time, file location, name of malware and description of each event. Click here to know viewing recent events for the product or the older scanning report can be found under C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Local/F-Secure/Antivirus/ScanningReports.,  i.e Scan_report_2019.11.29_20-02-59


    Once you got the information, please send these samples(i.e  screen shot of deleted items from recent events or older scanning report) for verification to our SAS team. They will then liaise the issue with you directly.



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    Hello Thank u for your reply ) but its comes too late for me and I decided try Hetman data recovery software and it help me fast and good ) may be this sofware help somebody more ,

    also very good articvle about antivirus removed files.


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