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I have payed direct thru Cleverbridge, have a new key for multi-device subscription, but the App only provides either Buy or reclaim iTunes purchases. No field in the Settings Subscription to actually enter the new liable code for the running period. Ofcourse there is a month free in the renewal, but as it seems to work free of Freedome as well, the benefit is in vain.


Would be really nice to have an email reply to your contact with a link to advice how-to get the new lisence key entered and the sheite working again. Last time, buying the licence direct from F-Secure there was also issues to get it working after the trial period. 

F-Secure, please update the software on iOS into a version, where you can enter a code directly to the settings menu.


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    As a follow up.

    Entering the code is thru login, but not with the Account and password login, but Anonymous ID.

    Why there is no notification in clear words, Enter your Licence Key here?
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    @Sethu wrote:

    Hello @FumblerPete 


    If you purchased the Freedome multi-platform subscriptions, you need to select the Anonymous ID/Account ID to enter your 12 digit to activate the Freedome.


    We have already received few requests from customers to change the word from Account ID to Enter a license/Subscription code for Freedome Multi-platform, but we are unable to change wording to Enter a license/Subscription code because of Apple's rules, they are happy with "Account ID" but they do not allow us to change that term to be used.


    You can also contact our F-Secure Support team to speed up the recovery of the Freedome Subscription if your purchase made via F-Secure webstore.



    Probably you might word the key on the invoice mail as "Anonymous ID" - or whatever the name on login is - to specify the field, where it should be entered? That would be within your powers despite Apple policy, I gues.

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