Difficulty installing F-Secure2012 as upgrade to FS 2011 on Windows 7 NetBook

Hi , I finally worked out how to set up a new thread. Here goes..... When I tried to install FS 2012 I got an error message about a conflicting security program and the installation froze. The message urged me to remove the conflict manually. My problem was that the dialogue did not tell me what or where the conflict lay, very unhelpful as the computer could have a problem anywhere. To get to the point , I searched the FS website and discovered a ' removal tool ' that is designed to remove all traces of FS 2011 , as purely by guesswork I suspected that that was where the problem lay. I had previously uninstalled FS 2011 via the Windows 7 uninstall procedure Having run this, the installation of FS 2012 went like clockwork. I would have shown the removal tool in this discussion but I am typing this on an iPad and ' cut and paste ' is a nightmare, but that is an Apple problem best not aired here! Why is this removal tool not bundled with the installation file for FS 2012 ? I hope this may be of interest to others, as I found the usual help channels far too slow and the online chat line went unanswered. As an aside installing FS 2012 as an upgrade on my main computer running Windows XP went without a hitch! Best of luck all.


  • Jari-P
    Jari-P Posts: 44 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi weasel,


    Uninstallation tool is not bundled, because it's more likely intended for problem cases where normal uninstallation procedure could not remove old installation completely. Upgrade installation should be able to remove older installation automaticly without any problems. However if you discover these kind of cases it's more important to contact our support, so we could take a closer look what might be causing this kind of behavior.


    To contact our technical support click following link:



    We will allways answer these support requests as soon as possible.

  • warriorfullight
    warriorfullight Posts: 23 Observer

    Is it possible to use the uninstallation tool then install the software you want to be upgraded? image

  • Jari-P
    Jari-P Posts: 44 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi warriorfullight,


    Yes it's possible :)

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