F-Secure SAFE BLOCKING Lenovo Nerve Center program

Hello F-Secure Community!

I have a frustrating problem. I have a Lenovo Legion Y520-IKBN laptop, and I'm using F-Secure SAFE on this device which seems to be blocking my Lenovo Nerve Center program. I have tried to make an exception in the Application and File Control tab, but it didn't solve the program. Also, I have checked the Blocked tab, but it didn't have any blocked program in it. 

I'm asking for your help! 





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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solution). So, just as discussion between community users.


    But what is the view of blocked "Lenovo Nerve Center"? Application is not launched? Or launched - but certain functionality is broken?



    // later added:

    Just as general steps: you could try to disable some features OR as first try - to turn off F-Secure SAFE temporarily (main user interface - 'Tools' tab - turn off all security features Button) and  check if Nerve Center is working good. If - yes - then need to understand what is feature make trouble.


    If trouble is launching application - then it is possible to start by disable "DeepGuard" module. Or "Web-traffic" scanning. Should be possible to do so via Settings.

    If trouble is not just launching application - then, maybe, certain domain is rated as suspicious / harmful or categorized with chosen restricted category - and connection is blocked by this F-Secure module. If so - possible to disable only "F-Secure Browsing Protection" feature for such check.


    Sorry for my English!



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