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I got a popup with there is a new version of my F-secure Freedome, if I remember correct. Shall It do that, or how do I know if I have the newest version of F-secure Freedome?


I now have Fredome Version 2.28.5979.0

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    I downloaded Freedome installer (for Windows) from there:

    Description for executable with next version number: 2.30.6180.0; cert signed at 05.11.2019.


    So, actually, if your installation is about Windows platform - then "2.28.5979.0" is a bit outdated and there is indeed fresher build exist.


    I am not sure whether you should update or not (but, usually, it is recommended).

    If you suspect some troubles with 'built-in' update (from flyer / popup) - you could try to install it directly by downloading installer from F-Secure website and launch it manually. It should also acting as update/upgrade.


    And, in general, I am not sure if it is possible to know that your installation is about latest available - for except manual check and any prompts / popups with reminder about.

    Sorry for my reply and for my English!





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