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Few weeks ago I bought an renew  but everytime I try to activate it, I got the answer:

 You are not connected to Internet.


While I am connected to Internet and browsing correctly.


Is there any URL we can directly open and activate the Key?




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    Maybe good to know more information about your situation.

    For example,

    -> sounds that your experience is not about F-Secure SAFE solution?
    But about F-Secure KEY, F-Secure Freedome or maybe F-Secure AV or F-Secure IS? Or F-Secure Mobile Security?


    -> what is the device where you try to activate "subscription or licence code" (or voucher)? Mobile device (Android, iOS) or desktop / laptop (Windows, Mac)?


    -> if your experience is about F-Secure SAFE - did you mean that your try is under My F-Secure Portal (thus, yes, you are connected to Internet) and under related tab?




    // later added (21.11.2019):

    in general, common recommendations are to check that your system is up to date; and, for example, system time is correct. Good to check, also, that your OS is still supported by F-Secure solution.

    Since your words about output with "internet troubles" - maybe -  indeed good to think about common recommendations (because outdated system or with wrong "time" can be a reason for trobules with secured connection TLS / SSL; as a result, connection can not be established or rejected. Solution can to mark it as generic "network" trouble).

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