ULAV drops off after Nov 15 updates

My Ultra LIght updated today on my Win 10 1903.

This evening ULAV just dropped off.

In the UI in the red circle says to click to reload.

However, it does not reload after several attempts.


Has anybody else experienced the same?


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    I do not use F-Secure ULAV on current days, but did you try to restart system already?

    Previously, my experience was about something with such sound - when certain process is stopped (after update or upgrade, or somehow else) and is not reloaded then. As a result, trying to turn on was not helpful. Restart system was a kind of "fix".

    Another experience was about constant F-Secure ULAV crash (as a result, F-Secure ULAV was disabled always).


    In addition, there was a discussion:

    about potential state of F-Secure ULAV in the future. But I am not sure that it is related with your situation.



  • yeoldfart
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    hello !

    sorry for not being able to help, I only can suggest you switch to FS protection as ULAV is not supposed to be used on rigs you need everyday

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