I sent the following request through you system and it seemed to get misdirected as I got a totally irrelevant reply from "-BEN".  Can you help me please.


First Name  Martin

Last Name Fuller

Business Email *

[email protected]

Business Phone *xxxxxxxxxx

Job Role/Title* IT Manager

Company *


Country *

United Kingdom

My primary interest is... * Endpoint protection

Additional information

I do not have any F-Secure products on my two Desktops or Laptop or used your products for several years yet CLEVERBRIDGE have sent me an email saying I have paid an £25.00 for F-Secure SAFE. I feel you should at least refund this invoice.


INVOICE Ref No:  xxxxxxxx    Date : 08/11/2019   Invoice number  :  xxxxxxxxxxx    muMiifairan«


My account ref is:  [email protected]

I am xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

landline -xxxxxxxx        or       mobile   - xxxxxxxxxx



Product name:             F-Secure SAFE            Price:    £20.84




  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,572

    This is a public forum viewable by anybody. You have created a a serious security risk for yourself by posting all of your personal information on here. I suggest you edit your post immediately, unless the forum admins get to it first.

  • SethuSethu Posts: 543

    Hello @MJF 


    For cancellation&refund, you need to contact F-Secure Support  and provide the purchase information.

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