Exit node Germany "burned"?

As I live in Germany, my default exit node is, of course, Germany.


In recent weeks, I keep getting blocked on various sites because the IP range from which my requests are coming are associated with malware, suspicious activities and attacks.


Most prominent site doing this is youtube. Nowadays I frequently have to prove via captcha that I am not a bot or something.


Can anything be done about this?

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    Hi @Belamanth1 


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 


    We were able to reproduce this issue on a few sites too as you have explained. When the problem occurs again, kindly go to www.whatismyipaddress.com and check what IP address is reported. I will message you privately so you could share the ipaddress with us just to avoid wrongly sending your own IP address in public.


    In addition we were able to reproduce this issue with some particular videos you provided to us via the private message, but as any other video we tried to view on youtube worked nicely. It may be so that the video uploader/record company/other rights owner or a copyright agency has not allowed this particular video to be shown in Germany. This kind of blocking is very common on Youtube, some estimates say that even 3% -10% of the youtube videos are not available in Germany.



  • For some time using Google search  I get more and more the message that I can not use the search because too many  users use this IP (or range, I dont remember). I should try it again later.

    Also the Apple iTunes Store does not work correct with the German (and others) gateway.

    Please fix this problem e.g. by offering further gateways.

    Thank you.

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