How do I transfer an F-Secure Mobile Security for Android linces to other device?

How to transfer a license between devices without needing to make new purchase of mobile security for android?

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just some suggestions around:

    -- Probably current state of F-Secure Mobile Security is a bit unclear.

    It should be available as renewal for existed users. And as a solution "F-Secure Mobile for Business".


    Thus, your experience is about F-Secure Mobile Security? Or about F-Secure SAFE with an ability to install it on Android?


    -- There is kind of Online Help / Documentation about F-Secure Mobile Security solution:

    This article is about "Activating the product".


    Sounds that required things are:

    - valid subscription.

    - activation / license key.


    Then all you need is to type your subscription code per request after installation.


    -- Maybe if your purchase is pinned to your Google Account - there are less steps to active F-Secure Mobile Security solution. But I am not sure how "subscription from Play Market" is working.

    I think before fresh installation - good to uninstall it on unneeded device.

    All in all, did you try already it? And is there any troubles? What is output after adding your subscription code (or so)? Any options to reuse "licence" from another device?


    // another option is to try contact their direct official Support Channel:

    and ask for assistance with installation on other device via reusing your licence from another device (under of your subscription).





  • @Ukko  hello sir, thank you for reply.


    I trid enter linces to the new device just loading not working before. But now i following your advice to do it removed old software on the device , after reinstall and install again for the device and enter old key then can working.


    Thank you so much, appreciate your immediate help!

    Next time I will remember this solutions.


    Thanks again.

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