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Hi everyone, it's about 6 months that I am in beta project of F-Secure software. I wrote in my previous post about serious problems that I had with a anonymous hacker and all tragic times that I was struggled in, now I can tell you certainly: F-Secure software is Absolutely the best protection you can have in your digital life. In this 6 months I completely realize that my phone and my p.c is fully protected, clean of all kind of viruses and Trojans,... and there is no sign of any hacker. I am very thankful of F-Secure team from their unic and perfect job. It's my honor to be participated in this project. Thank you for extending my license for 6 month more completely free. I suggest to anybody to use this advanced antivirus and all other apps&softwares. I guarantee your saftey and satisfaction. God bless you 




  • NPhoBiaz
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    Been beta tester for years now, and I just cannot be happy enough with the product. Every time I've reported a bug or other concern, they've been fixing all of them. Just absolutely great.

  • alexpower88
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    Hi my friend, i realy couldn't understand what do you mean? what is your point? please tell me. Actually i am Civil Eng. and when new project start in some critical period of work i spend even 18 hours of my day for job and most of time i can not even became online for my personal things. last efew month it happened for me. so i love to get back to my hobbies and the first knowledge that i learned in age 16.

    All the best wishes for you

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