Re: Cancel my F-Secure SAFE Subscriptions

Hey there,


I've just signed up to virgin media but was led here, I then realised that this is a separate thing that I dont need and don't want. I'd like to cancel please.


Thank you 


  • JaimsJaims Posts: 516 Moderator

    Hi @Thomasthefirst 


    Kindly have a look at this post here on account deletion handling.


    Thank you.

  • Dear Sir,


    Please message me as soon as so we can get this sorted out. 


    Thank you,

    Thomas Smith 

  • JaimsJaims Posts: 516 Moderator

    Hi @Thomasthefirst 


    Your F-Secure SAFE subscription is free for a year on 5 devices with renewal price of £25 instead of £79.99.


    Please note that there will be no automatic deduction from us or Virginmedia, so you may choose to allow the subscription to run out in case you consider renewing and enjoying the promo price in future.

    Please click contact our support to proceed with the deletion if you insist.


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