No TAB to allow/deny websites

Has an update of F-secure changed how we allow or deny websites?

I cannot restrict anymore for my children as the TAB is not there anymore


Please can you help? I am on Windows computers


Many thanks


  • Ukko
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    It is strange a bit. There was not any update with such changes (probably).


    But could you provide more information:

    -- what is your current F-Secure solution and what is version?

    -- what did you mean by "TAB"?

    Is it "TAB" as "Tools" or it is "List of allowed / denied websites" button on Tools tab?

    -- did you try to restart system (in addition to "shutdown" / "turn on")? And what is the state of installed updates (rightclick F-Secure tray picture and 'Check updates' - then to check whether all modules with "installed" status or not).


    And maybe could you create / attach a screenshot about current state with place where such ability should be? Of course, with redacted/edited critical data and information on it.


    Sorry for my reply! Only as discussion between community users!



  • NadiaPH
    NadiaPH Posts: 12 Observer

    Hello Ukko


    Thank you for your message. I have checked the version, it says I am using F-Secure Safe 17.7


    By Tab, I mean that when I click on Tools (after opening F-secure on my pc) I used to have an option with Allowed/Denied websites where I could specify single sites. That option is now not visible and this has just been noticed (although remember using it less than 2 weeks ago)


    I checked for last updates and it shows tonight at 20.47


    Please see screenshot showing where the Option Allowed/Denied Tabs was located. 

    Many thanks



  • NadiaPH
    NadiaPH Posts: 12 Observer

    Dear Ukko


    I attach updates screenshot, all seems there

    I dont understand it as all worked fine till at least last week

    I will log a ticket with the support team in case

    Many thanks



  • NadiaPH
    NadiaPH Posts: 12 Observer

    I have removed F-secure and re-installed. All works fine now

    Thank you for your input! Much appreciated



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