Does F-Secure Total provide also virus protection in IOS devices?

I have installed Total/Safe in my (new) PC as well as mobile IOS devices. This app works as expected in the PC (including virus scans). However, I could not activate virus protection in my mobile devices. Could this be an error in istallation or just a feature of this app?


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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    As such - I think - "virus protection" is not available on iOS devices; but indirectly - there are some security features with F-Secure SAFE solution for iOS platform ("Finder", "Browsing Protection").


    If your concern is about an ability to scan device (against malicious items) and iOS platform - then there were some discussions about.

    For example,

    In general, to scan iOS device is not possible (not an option). And F-Secure SAFE is not about such a functionality.

    The reason is "limitations" of platform (for example, if it is just technically impossible). Another an explanation is architecture of platform and as a result quite rare possibility of malicious item on iOS. Although there were reports about malicious applications from AppStore.

    Some of my (and from other community users) further thoughts about subject are available on topics examples.


    Could you confirm that it is about scanning? And that this my suggestion is a partial explanation?



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    Yes. I thought about scanning, mainly because it produces a visible proof of actual situation vis-a-vis malware.


    I have understood that IOS should be malware-proof, but can it be proven? There are, obviously, some factors which make  IOS less interesting to malware developers: the IOS community is relatively small and IOS is mostly used  by individuals rather than largeorganisations,



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