Health check unable to start automation message

 I have not been able to get health check to run. It started to load when I first clicked on it but as the browser was loading I started the F-secure add on and it said it needed to restart the browser. After this health check started to run but I turned on the exploit blocking by then the health check was a white box with three outlines of buttons.  Turning off exploit blocking has not changed the white box.  I installed chrome and tried health check. Chrome's box displayer "java needed to run".  I tried to install java but the process did'nt  display anything after clicking run on the installer. I tried this in IE and had the same result. IE had the problem of java install doing nothing before  Internet Security 2012 was installed. Maybe my javas jammed?  

                  Thanks for any help,   Jimmmy2


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    Try uninstalling and reinstalling the java runtime.

    How do I uninstall Java on my Windows computer ?

    How to install Java?

    Hope this helps!

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    My message has typos that I had edited. Your auto saving feature may be messing up the posts.

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    Health Check currently only supports 32 bit browsers meaning you need to have a 32-bit Java runtime installed.

    Try the link below while using a 32-bit browser:

    The link checks some system details before providing you the relevant download link. Hopefully, this one will work better..!

    With regards to the Auto saving feature issue, can you reproduce this issue and if so, share additional details (steps to reproduce)?

    Should the Java runtime problem persist, please share some additional information

    - operating system and version
    - amount of system memory (RAM)
    - browser versions (32-bit)

    Note also, F-Secure Health Check has its own FAQ at

  • Hi Peter,just read the persons problem and i had the same,found this worked for me.

    In the java download page you will find this on left side click the learn more and do the download,i run 64 bit and i can now get the health check working..

    Do you use both 32-bit and 64-bit browsers?
    » Learn more <<.. hope this works for the user..

    have a nice day bushranger2001

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     Guys I am officialy givging up.  Thanks for the effort. Though I can't go on.

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