Freedome would like to add VPN configurations

Recently my Freedome has the following message as I start to activate it: "Freedome Would Like to Add VPN Configurations. All network activity on this iPad may be filtered or monitored when using VPN"


What is this message? Why does it only apperad on my iPad, and not on my other devices? If F-secure want´s to change the rules, this is not the way to do it. Please mail me and ansk to do the changes.

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    Helo @ChristerN 


    I found similar this article for your reference. This notification is a default iPhone/iPad prompt that apps including Freedome VPN can't modify. It explains how VPN connections can be abused and notifies users when an app is trying to establish a VPN connection, so it’s a welcome security feature on iOS devices.


    We F-Secure follow a strict no-logs policy and you can find more information in our F-Secure Privacy Policy page :


  • Thank you verk much for your answer. I didn’t think that the message was from the iOS. I was so sure it was from Freedome. One thing I don’t understand, is why it apears now, after using Freedome in my iPad for many years. Thank you for your help!

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