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I'm using F-Secure SAFE Parental Control for my 9 year old son on Windows 10 Pro. He has his own local account (no administration rights). I have configured Parantal Control with a time limit for him. We have two problems:


1. My son wants to check the current usage of his time limit. Is there any possibility for him to check his usage - something like a countdown?

2. Can he interrupt his session without log off? We see that the time limit function even continues counting when he locks the session (Windows+L). So he has to close the actual game or youtube session and has to logoff for every break.


Thanks for your replies


F Secure SAFE Version 17.7

Windows 10 Pro 1903


  • Wanderfreund04
    Wanderfreund04 Posts: 2 New Member

    Thank you for explanation of the SAFE main user interface. That helps al lot. Since yesterday my sun is watching his usage and so he will be not surprised if the "10" oder "5" minutes warning appear.


    By the way: in some cases the warning will not appear in full screen gaming mode. I will try to configure the message center of Windows 10 in another way.


    Best regards

  • Elena21
    Elena21 Posts: 3 Observer
    That's nice. The parental controls of F secure are quite good.
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