Printing to a wi-Fi Printer no working

I have the same issue just as in this topic

Though, 2 laptops (with Freedome) are in the same subnet as Freedome.

This issue started a few months back after Freedome got updated.

The current versions are 2.28.5979.0


When I turn Freedome off the print starts right away.

What can I do?

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  • JaimsJaims Posts: 395 Moderator
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    Hi @Andrew0 


    The latest version has a new option to add trusted network adapter under killswitch. Kindly, add your network connection as a trusted network on Freedome to see if that solves the issue:

    1. Open Freedome
    2. Click Settings
    3. Click Enable killswitch
    4. Then Allow connections to other devices in trusted networks
    5.  Select your "network adapter name"
    6. Click on Save




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