TOR Network over Freedome VPN: Is it possible to configure TOR Exit-Node to communicate with Freedom

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I'm trying to protect myself against malicious TOR exit nodes ...


So, with the above in mind, is the scenario below possible with the F-Secure Freedome VPN?


Tor Browser --> Freedome VPN --> TOR Network --> TOR Exit-Node --> Freedome VPN --> Public Internet

Public Internet --> Freedome VPN --> TOR Exit-Node --> TOR Network --> Freedome VPN -- TOR Browser


If the answer to the above question is NO ...

What is F-Secure's recommendation regarding the best way to protect Freedome VPN clients from malicious TOR Exit-Nodes?

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    Hello @Issues4Life 


    We are unable to confirm as the Freedome VPN currently has no such settings available and in your situation you would somehow have to make Freedome VPN to get routed via TOR. I can understand you are looking for the feature Tor over VPN which is not available in Freedome VPN.  However, we’re committed to involving our customers in building our product roadmap. You can leave your feature request directly at Feature Request page.



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    Hello @Issues4Life 


    It likely won't really work technically. For Freedome to protect against the malicious exit node, Freedome's VPN would have to run inside the TOR session, so that Freedome would encrypt the data that goes through TOR. The bits and pieces probably don't play well together at this time.

    The best advise you to use the Freedome VPN only on your machine/device.

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    I do not want to misunderstand you ...


    So, just to be sure we are on the same page ...


    The VPN configuration model below requires the VPN to "run inside the TOR session" ...




    If so, I can see how this type of VPN configuration is not really practical nor realistically possible ...


    Perhaps accessing the TOR Network is a bad idea to begin with ...

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