Is it piracy?

they write on the Russian site. that the action is being held. there is a link below. allegedly get a license for a year for free. register through uk


Is it piracy?


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    So, only my own unofficial feelings.

    I read such an information on some other websites too. For example, Norway-based and Germany-based resources (and with the inclusion of "international" websites in addition). Furthermore, previously it was with less hustle for tricksters (with related offers).


    For me it sounds more as "violation of the terms and conditions" rather than piracy. But it is about uncommon way to use offer; Since promo offer itself is normal.


    This is also, perhaps, about promo offer for Virgin Media customers (UK / GB users). As a result, it is valid (legal) only for Virgin Media(?) customers inside United Kingdom; and only for freshly registered F-Secure users (need to create fresh My F-Secure SAFE account that will be pinned with Virgin Media).

    So, in general if your location is under "required" place (UK, for example) or you able to trick it via something like proxy - then, probably, it is possible to use this promo offer.

    But if you are not Virgin Media (or any other "terms / conditions") - then need to be ready that account / subscription can be blocked / banned / canceled later.


    URL sounds from this official resource:

    If you're a Virgin Fibre or Virgin Mobile customer you can try F-Secure SAFE free for 12 months (worth £79.99), protecting up to five devices. Then it’s just £25 per year after that. Just register here and install onto all your devices.

    So, it is OK if you are a Virgin Fibre of Virgin Mobile customer.


    An ability to trick it via UK IP address (?!) or to use offer being from UK but not a VM customer, maybe, is not restricted (but more in terms of technical limitation rather than permissible use).


    Sorry for my reply. And sorry for my English!



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    Hi @comms 


    Thank you for bringing this to our notice. 


    We have alerted the relevant team who will investigate and ensure the site as well as the registration URL is deactivated immediately.


    Sincerely appreciate your valuable contribution. 

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