Freedome bypass still needed for Win10

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There is an increasing need for a Freedome bypass for Windows 10 users,

program updates frequently are affected, service sign up, game updates and certain online services block VPN's.


The only "get round" at the moment is to turn Freedome off - surely this defeats the object of having the software?


There is an exceptions list in the Android version that solves this issue.


The problem was not being addressed the last time it was raised, however, the need for a resolution is growing.


Please F-Secure can you do this - thanks


  • Jaims
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    Hi @CJJ 


    Thanks for your suggestion.


    As a reminder to the product experts, I will be moving your post to the appropriate board where suggestions are been monitored and deliberated on but we cannot promise any ETA at this time.

  • CJJ
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    Thanks - that is all I can hope for because i know that it is quite a difficult area & it won't happen overnight.




  • CJJ
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    Nearly a year on and the issue of blocking is still present & growing

    Newer Windows 10 devices are affected more as software & data is moving to the cloud .... more issues with blocking.

    Since there is no ability to Bypass Freedome - the only solution is turning it off & that defeats the whole purpose of the VPN