Worst tech support of all time

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It's undeniable. F-Secure support for Freedome might as well be non-existent. I have NEVER come across such poor quality tech support for any VPN client; or indeed any software product for that matter. You guys don't even know whether Freedome uses UDP or TCP protocol! On the one time I got through on live chat (99% of the time it's "unavailable"); the person whom I was interacting with seemed to possess an IQ barely above plant level. I was continually referred to totally & utterly irrelevant URL links - that were meaningless; useless; and (in most cases) years out of date. 

I've just done a search on the topic "split tunneling" - nowhere is it even mentioned. NOWHERE. Disgraceful. I'm not being facetious when I state that F-Secure should simply decommission its entire so-called support forums. They are a complete & total waste of time. 




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    This is totally unlike F-Secure, having used them for over 10 years, I've never had a bad encounter.

    I can't help you with your technical query - as I'm just a user/cutomer.

    However, I suggest you get in contact with them via chat & request a specialist tecnician to email you or call you.


    Sorry I can't help further

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    What a facile reply. Did you even bother to read my original post CJJ? I have (= I have already) contacted them via live chat and via their so-called specialist technicians. I got nowhere. Why the hell do I you think I came onto this forum?!?


    As I've pointed out in some of my other posts, F-Secure's M.O. is to obfuscate, inveigle, and deceive whenever anyone asks them uncomfortable questions (i.e. their about their despicable logging practices - Freedome keeps logs for longer than any other VPN on the market); awkward questions (like their very close relationship to GCHQ - which I notice was deleted within hours from this forum*); or simply basic technical question like encryption protocols (e.g. UDP vs TCP).


    I stand by my original comments: I won't repeat them again (there's no need to - go back and read them properly this time).


    * Talk about proof of a guilty conscience! If F-Secure had nothing to hide, then they wouldn't refuse to talk about their very close relationship to GCHQ - where even asking them questions about it results in the post been deleted. It's just so blatantly obvious that trusting F-Secure with your encrytpted data is ... well, you might as well be using a VPN developed and run by GCHQ. If the rest of the users on this forum wish to be in a permanent state of gullibility and naivety, then good luck to you all.

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    GO **bleep** YOURSELF F-SECURE. The truth hurts doesn't it? Go on - why stop with one post? Why don't you delete them all - you mother**bleep**ers.

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    Hi @Falcon6661 


    Thank you for contacting our community page.


    Kindly take note that response to posts by our moderators are done on Mondays to Fridays only. However, our ever helpful and fellow users are always there to air their views on subject matters. 


    Be rest assured that all your concerns will be addressed - the affliation claim as well as your question on UDP/TCP default protocols. You may as well want to read more in details about Freedome privacy policy here


    Furthermore, while are are taking time to get an explicit reply from our experts, we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding but we crave your indulgence to please go through our community guidelines as this is very crucial as well. Lastly, posts are not deleted but may be unavailable if it breaches these stipulated rules.


    Thank you so much for your patronage and cooperation.

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    Dear Falcon,


    Thank you for your reply, yes I did read your post, No I don't understand your issue because I'm just PC user.

    I understand you "contacted" F-Secure but was not happy.


    IF you really want to move forward with F-Secure & resolve whatever issue you have - then you must continue to have Dialogue with them.


    You claim they are the" Worst Tech Support" is in my view totally unfounded - yes over the years I've had issues and had to get some higher technical specialists to contact me but F-Secure have always responded and resolved any issues to my satisfaction. They are more contactable than any other AV or VPN provider I have used.


    With regards to your other claims regarding GCHQ - why are you bothered what Gov agencies can read? They have been opening written mail for centuries - electronic mail is no different.


    Having read your last post, you seem to be extremely negative & if that is how you try to get help then no wonder you are failing to move forward.

    Also, I feel you have your own agenda here and probably work for a competitive organisation that wants to discredit F-Secure.


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    "posts are not deleted but may be unavailable" – what Orwellian doublespeak 🖕.

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    Go **bleep** yourself CJJ.
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    You're a troll CJJ.
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    "you must continue to have Dialogue with them." Why? Give me one good reason, you moron, you **bleep**ing troll. I have no intention whatsoever of further wasting my time on this forum or with F-Secure when they've demonstrated beyond all doubt that they're technically illiterate.

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    Dear Falcon/Mark,


    Thank you for yor suggestion and delightful response.


    I stand by my last post and if anything you have proven why you find it difficult to get help.


    A forum exists to help each other - that is merely what I tried to do.




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    "Your experts"? "Your experts"?! You need **bleep**ing experts to answer the simplest of questions? My answer to such a basic question would have been answered within 10 seconds on a live chat with ExpressVPN. Why do you even bother having live chat tech support when they're manifestly ignorant in the extreme?

    Btw, **bleep** your constant suggestions that I read this article or that – every time I read one of the articles cited by you, I discover that it's totally irrelevant.








  • Falcon6661Falcon6661 Posts: 12 New Member
    Go **bleep** yourself – you **bleep**ing troll.
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