Freedome Mac VPN exception for IP an address (bypass VPN)

tasaista Posts: 14 New Member

I had been long wondering how can I configure certain IP addresses to bypass Freedome VPN. It seems that it was somewhat simple after all (at least in a simple scenario):


Find the default gateway (destination default in netstat -r):

route -n get default | grep 'gateway' | awk '{print $2}'


Add a route:



Delete a route (the route gets deleted even if the default gw would have changed)

sudo route -v delete THE-IP-TO-BE-BYPASSED DEFAULT-GW


Or is there an easier way? Is there a way to bypass VPN for services that do not always resolve to the same IP?


Would be fun if this would be supported directly in the Freedome Mac App.


  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @tasaista 


    Thank you for raising this concern.
    At the moment, we only have app based exclusion approach on Android OS, it is not possible on other platforms for now.
    Hopefully, it will be made available in the nearest future.