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I use Freedome VPN of F Secure not concerned from a 5/9/14-Eyes country and it is a good product
But I've just read on a review there are several VPNs that claim to be no-log services but have later produced detailed user data.
The link for your information
On this list Freedome do keeps log
Is it the reality?
What do you think about that?


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  • SethuSethu Posts: 644 Moderator
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    Hello @Bernard21 


    Service logging:  We do not keep any logs about connections established through the VPN service to external addresses. We cannot link the IP address of your browsing destination to you.


    To protect the service against fraudulent use, we maintain temporary logs that contain the duration of the VPN sessions, the amount of data transferred, the device ID, public IP address, and host name from where the VPN client connects to our service. Traffic anomalies that look like a potential abuse of our service (such as port scanning, spamming, or DDoS attacks performed by our clients) are detected by our software and will be logged as well. The logs are stored for 90 days prior to deletion, and can be used to deal with any misuse of our service or attacks against us.


    You can find more information in our Freedome Prviacy page.



  • Bernard21Bernard21 Posts: 2 New Member

    Hello Sethu

    Ok thanks a lot for your answer .

    So I continue to use FREEDOME 

    Best regards



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