Irish IP blacklisted

Not the world's most vital website, but...  


Your ip address XX.XXX.XXX.XX has been banned.

If you think this is a mistake then please contact [email protected] immediately and make sure to include your ip address.




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  • SethuSethu Posts: 638 Moderator
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    Hello @preppy-skeptic 


    We have tested the website with Freedome ON. It seems working and there is no such error message appeared in our test environment.


    Please try the following steps to see if the solve the issue.


    - Try clear browser cache 

    - Clear Flush DNS

    - Reboot your device and check again.


    If issue remain, please try connect your device with different network i.e Home wifi to Mobile 4G connection and check again.


  • OK, thanks to Sethu all seems clear. If a website is blocked it may indeed be that one Freedome IP ended up on some list. The expedient thing is to change location, which surely changes the IP.

    Or one can look up where the IP is blacklisted. Without changing anything to e.g. to where you can read the exit IP address.

    You can then check if it's blacklisted, usually one such site subscribes to all blacklists. In my case only two services out of tens had any objection, and reported the IP as a spam source.

    If you find an IP is blacklisted you can then notify the web support team.

    Notice that my original post included the exit IP. Bad idea! Better not mention them on a public platform and alert the support team privately.  Smiley Happy

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