´Genreic question. Why last year protection of 10 computers only stands for 7 computers this yearhug

Can someone form F-secure andswer to this, as there is no real customer support for these topics..just technical support.

What is the reasoning for change that with same price last year..you got 10 coputers safe protection and this year oly 7 computers. Change is enormous and impacts our business for sure.

Very stupid and greedy actions from F-secure


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    Hi @SeIs 


    You may want to take another look at your purchases from last year till date and then make the comparison. 


    Your order for 2018 was for 7 devices and before the expiration you added 3 more licences which makes it total of 10 devices. Now you want to renew for 10 devices and not 7, definitely the price will not be the same. As we can verify, the price is still the same for 7 devices which you purchased last year.


    If you wish to downgrade back to 7 devices so you could pay the same price as last year, simply allow the current subscription to expire then buy your desired number of license(s).


    You may contact our support for further clarification if you need more explanation. 

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