When will the stable version of f-secure ultralight anti-virus beta come out?

Hello, the f-secure antivirus ultralight anti-virus has digital signature from a year ago (October 4, 2018), is still in development this product? Do you plan to continue improving it and develop a stable version? Is there any news about this product? Well those are my doubts. If anyone from the F-Secure Team can answer me very thankful in advance. Best regards.


  • Cale
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    Sorry for the long delay. The FSULAV beta is no longer active. There will be no more releases for it and the project will soon be closed and taken off-line.


    fs protection beta uses the Ultralight core technology, so I recommend you to try that beta program instead.



  • ReinLoong
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    Why did I receive an invitation to the F-Secure Ultralight beta ten days ago?
    Will F-Secure Ultralight release a new version in the near future? Or turn off the F-Secure Ultralight test?

    2019/9/23 16:23
    You have been selected to participate in the F-Secure Ultralight Anti-Virus project. Download the installer and give it a try.
    Please remember to submit feedback on your experience!

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