Android 9 - Freedome stops ethernet connection

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I recently purchase a new android box with Android 9.  Ethernet worked fine.  Installed Freedome and F-Secure Safe and no ethernet possible.  Tried changing settings, rebooting, changed cables - impossible to connect to ethernet.  Returned the box as faulty.

Bought a differnet make of Android box with Android 9.  Box worked fine.  Ethernet working.  Installed just Freedome (No F-Secure Safe) and Ethernet impossible to connect.  Tried changing settings, rebooting, etc, etc.  But no success.

Grateful for your help.


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    Hello @harry4 


    Please check if automatic killswitch is enabled. Here's how to check.


    1. Open Freedome
    2. Click Settings


    The automatic killswitch is the 4th button under Connection & Status. If it is turned on,

    1. Click Allow connections to other devices in trusted networks.
    2. Check the network you're currently connected to i.e ethernet
    3. Click Save

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    Hi, thanks for the response.

    I am not presented with the options you describe.  I open Freedome, click on settings, then under CONNECTION there are 3 items only:

    Trusted Wi-FI networks

    - Apps bypassing VPN

    - Automatic Killswitch

    Automatic Killswith has a button to click to activate or deactivate......


    That's it.  I am not given the option to "Allow connections to other devices in trusted networks"

    These are excatly the options I was given with the different make of Android 9 box I returned as possibley faulty.

    Thanks - please advise.

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