DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

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Mozilla Firefox - and now Google Chrome - are introducing support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH):  https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-enable-dns-over-https-doh-in-google-chrome/


Should this browser feature be enabled or disabled when using FREEDOME?  Or, is this setting irrelevant?  My understanding - based upon Whoer.net (and simular sites) - is that when using FREEDOME, my DNS server is the same as my IP address and my DNS traffic is already encripted  (making DoH irrelevant).  Can you confirm this?  Can you make a clear DoH reccomendation for FREEDOME users?  For example, if I have FREEDOME turned off, is having DoH enabled a good backup to keep my DNS traffic encrypted.


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    Hello @rjstephan 


    Thank you for raising this topic, we will check this with our Freedome team and will keep you update here soon.

  • rjstephan
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    How soon?

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    Hi @rjstephan 


    We got a response from the team today but more investigation is still underway.


    Generally it should  work just fine when DoH is implemented and enabled in a web browser but first, you need to figure out which VPN gateway is serving the DNS requests.


    We will upload an article about this new feature soon once we finalise our research on it. 

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