F-Secure 2012 and Google Chrome

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Is there a plan to improve the browser protection for the Google Chrome Browser in the F-Secure IS 2012?

I hope so. 


Greetz Hexo



  • Tapsa
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    We are evaluating the possibility on expanding our browser support beyond currently supported browsers. At this moment, we cannot comment in detail when that will happen.




  • deonpb
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    According to various sites listing worldwide browser usage Chrome is the 3rd most used browser behind IE and Firefox. Although Chrome's usage is still listed mostly below 20%, it is the fastest growing browser iro of usage of all browsers.


    Maybe something to keep in mind in the next version releases?



  • Hexo
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    I know a lot of people who are using the chrome and they would only use a security suite with the full browsersupport. So the don´t use F-Secure because of the missing support of Chrome

  • s4u
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    Not sure in this case but I do know Google isn´t to happy about toolbars etc for Chrome

  • Hexo
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    So maybe now there are some more informations?

    Will the browser protection for chrome in version 2012 come?


  • The latest version of FireFox has way more than the acceptable amount of the famous "Mozilla pause", which prompted me to finally stop being lazy and try Chrome. So far I'm liking Chrome, and I would really like to see F-Secure support for it.
  • Stephan
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    The Online Safety (Browsing Protection & Parental Control) in Internet Security 2012 will support Firefox and Internet Explorer.


    However, on other Browsers, such as Chrome and Safari, it will work to a limited extend too.

    It will block sites when needed but it will not display a block page.


    Best regards,


  • StarFerret
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    There are those who build websites; we test the site/build with every browser out there, down to Safari.


    If F-Secure chooses to block my site because Chrome or Safari aren't fully supported, I'm gonna be mad as H-E-Double Toothpick!


    If you're going to support some of the browsers but not all of them, then you're very remiss in your plan.

  • Hexo
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    What means that exactly?


    "It will block sites when needed but it will not display a block page."


    That means, if you try to visited a "unsafe" Page, you will only see a blank page?

    What happend, if you try to reload the page?

    For an user it looks like, that the service is not avaliable.....

    Not the best way to protect user....

  • Stephan
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    Hi Hexo,


    Yes, it will display a blank page.


    Reloading should result again in a blank page.


    Please note that Online Safety only fully supports IE and Firefox, where we have the toolbar and plugin to display ratings and the block page.




  • Hexo
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    Ok, then this only good way is, to check with the FireFox Browser if i got a blank page in the chrome browser.

    Not a good solution, but better as to visit a malwareinfected page.


    I am looking forward to test the new Version 2012 ^^





  • Jayson
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    Hi Hexo,

    You may verify the webpage rating by entering the URL to our Browsing Protection portal below:


    Best Regards,


  • Nobody wants to use IE. Firefox is dying. Chrome is getting on top. Still, the dumbheads at F-Secure won't acknowledge that.

  • keiooz
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    Not really. Each and every browser has something that differentiate from others. As for me, I use everthing even Opera.

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