Are F-secure the reason at Windows Defender Antivirus update error? Windows 10 1903



I what to know if F-secure are the reason in Windows Defender Antivirus update error


I got Version: 1.299.3039.0 error 0x80070643    28-‎08-‎2019


Version: 1.297.1243.0  error 0x8024000b    17-‎07-‎2019


Version: Error 0x80240017   ‎27-‎06-‎2019


they have all the name Windows Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 in the Windows update overview of installed drivers


And now I manually update Defender and that Succeded to the Version: 4.18.1907.4


Or is it a Windows problem, or do I  have some wrong setteings at my updates?





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    Hi @Marki 


    F-Secure SAFE or Internet Security will not prevent any Windows Updates unless if there is another conflicting antivirus that you may want to remove, leaving your F-Secure to run independently. 


    To verify this, you may try to turn off F-Secure and see if the updates works but running a Windows Update troubleshooter might help.

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